Serving Authentic Turkish Dishes

If you love authentic Turkish cuisine, you will want to try the meals we serve at Mito’s Döner Kebap. If you don’t yet know Turkish cuisine, then you are in for a treat. With our delicious fresh from scratch dishes, we hope to create a lasting food experience you’ll want to come back for.

Fresh Every Day

We make all our dishes fresh every day. We don’t serve leftovers. We chop salad ingredients in small batches all day every day. Meats are cooked fresh to order, except our slow roasted lamb, which is slow roasted every day. We make our own lavash bread fresh all day long. There are no fryers and no MSG here. Just wholesome, healthy ingredients, prepared with passion and love.

Meet Chef Mito

Chef Mithat "Mito" Yenice traveled widely in his native Turkey, trying and learning about different regional cuisines. With family roots in Urfa, Mito has the kebap gene and is naturally drawn to cooking. When he arrived in the US, he trained in the culinary arts in Michigan and worked at high-end restaurants and country clubs in the area. He then offered his own authentic Turkish dishes with his food truck, Mito’s Döner Turkish Street Food.

He and his wife, Jennifer, have now packed up their things and headed to the West Coast to bring authentic Turkish cuisine to the Los Angeles area. The new restaurant is now open, and this husband-and-wife duo is excited to bring a fresh new taste of Turkey to the area.

More About Turkish Cuisine

Turkish döner has become the most popular street food in most of Western Europe. Now, Chef Mito brings it to California. Our tender and juicy döner is made with sliced halal beef and lamb (no ground meat) and flavored with Mito's secret marinade.

Ottoman chefs invented the vertical spit for meat roasting. We thinly shave the döner as it is roasted by flame and serve it fresh and hot. We also serve chicken döner, shish kebaps, slow roasted lamb, and köfte. Our menu also has a strong focus on fresh vegetables and herbs. We offer vegetarian (including vegan) versions of our lavash wraps, plates, and Zaza Wraps, in addition to several vegetarian and vegan salads and sides.

Turkish cuisine evolved over centuries as a fusion of Central Asian, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Balkan cuisines. If you've never had real Turkish food, you are in for a treat. We use fresh vegetables, high-quality halal meats, fresh yogurt, herbs, and spices to bring you a small selection of the vast array of Turkish offerings.